Single Round Stats

Put Away the Pencil

Scorecards are a thing of the past. With the Pinpoint app, there is no need to keep your scorecard. As you input your strokes gained information, your score is tracked as well.

Automated Reports Available Instantaneously

At the end of every round of golf, your detailed reports are saved in the Pinpoint app. Eeasily share this information with family and friends, or share with your golf coach to get more detailed insights into your game.

Digital Scorecard

Pinpoint creates a digital scorecard with accurate yardage and scoring information at the end of the round. The scorecard shows birdies, bogeys, and the individual score for each hole for a quick visual representation of how the round looked on paper.

Scorecard View

With precise tracking, you can learn a lot about your game over a single round and, most importantly, round after round. Pinpoint aims to help golfers get better. Strokes gained over time shows performance trends, proving whether you are becoming a better golfer or if you are working on the wrong things.

Strokes gained over time Strokes gained on approach from the fairway Strokes gained putting by distance

Round Input At Any Time

Don’t enjoy playing golf with a phone in your hands? There is no need with Pinpoint. Simply set aside five minutes at the end of your day to put in your round and get all the detailed strokes gained information you need. We know you remember these shots, and a full-color GPS makes it easy to input a round after the fact.

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