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Should You Count Your Putts When You Play Golf?

We know you remember those three-putts that you had out on the course today, but do you know how many total putts you had? Do you know how many putts would be considered good or bad? Counting your putts is one of the easiest way to get started understanding your game... Read More »

How To Fine-Tune Course Management Using Strokes Gained

Smart golfers pay attention to golf course management. Club selection, pin position, choosing smart targets, being aggressive and conservative at the right times: all of this matters. Many golfers struggle with how they can improve their course management... Read More »

How Strokes Gained Can Fix Your Short Game

Think your bladed 60-degree lob wedge shot from last Saturday is the sole culprit of your mediocre short game? Think again. The short game is anything but short when it comes to complexity. Many golfers remain clueless about which aspects of their short game need refining... Read More »

What Strokes Gained Putting Can Tell You About Your Game on the Greens

If you track your game on the greens, you probably keep track of “number of putts per round”, or “number of three putts”. These classic stats may give you a bit of an idea about your putting, but they’re really too imprecise to be useful, often verging on misleading... Read More »

How To Prioritize The Right Skills In Golf

Maybe you have a half hour to work on your game. Or maybe you decide you are going to take the next three months to get better. How do you prioritize the right skills in golf? How do you know where to start? Often, this simple question keeps golfers from getting better at all... Read More »

Deliberate Golf Practice: What Does It Take To Set Up A Routine?

Practicing haphazardly can be a good workout, but you really aren’t making any progress in your golf game. For your practice to translate to the golf course, you need to be deliberate... Read More »

How To Identify Your True Weaknesses In Golf

That unintentional fade off the first tee put you in the rough. Your approach missed the green. Your chip was about 15 feet short. You two-putt. Where is the weakness in your golf game? The drive? The approach? The chip? The missed putt?... Read More »

How Strokes Gained Works

Strokes gained is the most essential statistic in golf. Maybe you have tried tracking strokes gained but found it complicated or overwhelming. Maybe you have heard about the concept but don’t quite understand how it works... Read More »

What Is Strokes Gained?

If you play golf or even watch golf, chances are you have heard about strokes gained. It might have sounded like a bunch of complicated math (it’s not). It might have looked like another passing trend (all too common in the golf world). But here’s the truth... Read More »