How Well Do You Know Your Performance?

Strokes Gained Over Time Strokes Gained From the Fairway Strokes Gained From 7-10 Feet

Cumulative Strokes Gained Analysis

Understanding strokes gained after a single round is helpful, but over an entire season it’s an incredibly powerful stat. The Pinpoint golf stats app gives you profound insights into all areas of your golf game, from 5-foot putts to 200-yard approaches to the green.

Keep an Eye on Your Game Year After Year

Pinpoint golf stats app allows you to store previous golf stats and information to compare your game year after year. The math used to determine your Pinpoint stats and information remains the same, creating a baseline for you to work off of to improve.

Single Round Stats

Automated Reports

When your round of golf is complete, Pinpoint pulls the entire report together for you, with no work needed on your part. These reports are then saved and compared over time to give you a better picture of what your game looks as it evolves over months and years.

Connect With Your Coach

Coaches can’t be with us on the course all day, but they will have the next best thing with the Pinpoint app. At the end of the round, share with your coach to get their insights and develop a game plan about where to spend your time. Collaboration helps with success, and Pinpoint saves you both time and money.

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