The Easiest Tracking for Players

The Pinpoint mobile app lets players track their rounds while playing or after the round is finished. Tracking is incredibly simple, with no busywork required and no distractions during the round.

Pinpoint uses strokes gained stats, which quickly give coaches the most important insights about each player’s game.

Comparing Players Across a Stat

View Team Stats and Compare Players

Pinpoint makes it easy to see summarized stats of the whole team side-by-side. The summary view shows “areas of the game” for each player along with scores from the past few rounds and an overall trend measurement. The comparison view shows how each player stacks up across Pinpoint’s many individual stats.

Every Round At Your Fingertips

With the individual version of Pinpoint, players can view each round, a stats summary, and a map of every shot.

With the coach version, coaches have the same insights into every individual player’s round. View every round played by the team, dive into what went right, what went wrong, and course management strategies.

Viewing a Single Player in Coach Mode

Dive Deep Into Each Player’s Stats

Pinpoint makes it easy to give each player the individual attention they need to improve.

Coaches have the same full-featured access to player data as the players themselves. Dive into strokes gained or traditional stats. Evaluate granular details. Analyze trends over time.

Pinpoint Helps Teams Play Better

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